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Ankle Cuffs

Great fun for use on your partner during dress up or to spice things up with your own lockdown.

Like the matching handcuffs, these cuffs are totally secure and comfortable to wear for long periods.

They can be locked together with a single padlock for total restriction or used with the chain for a bit more freedom. 

Tremendously versatile if you want to attach your sub to an immovable object with any length chain you like, send them to work with one on to remind them who’s boss or if combined with the wrist cuffs beware of the ultimate hog-tie!

Adds a new dimension to ‘downtime’ - use responsibly!!

Miss Spice says “Like the matching handcuffs these are strong and comfortable - an essential ‘toy’ for beginner or advanced action. Even the lionhearted will shrink at the merest suggestion of being hog-tied in these. Also you can leave them chained to a tree or anything else you like while you go and do the shopping - bliss!” 

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Key features
  • Miss Spice super quality ankle cuffs
  • Beautiful, polished metal ankle cuffs with chain, 2 padlocks and four keys 
How it measures up
  • Internal measurements are 80mm by 62mm 
  • Width 18mm
  • Chain 320mm
  • Weight 305g 

*Note these will fit most people but are snug, so check the size if you have large ankles) 

Check sizing before you order by measuring around your wrist / ankle with a tape measure:

  • The small ankle cuffs will also fit larger wrists up to 9 inches in circumference. This is suitable for average male and female ankles.
  • For larger ankles up to 10.5 inches, use the large ankle cuffs.
Included in the package
  • 2 x Premium Male / Female Ankle cuffs

  • 2 x Padlocks

  • 4 x Keys

  • 1 x Chain

Delivered in a discreet and plain packaging

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