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Extremely, versatile cane, can be used for gentle play to the more serious matter of disciplining your sub when they have been disobedient.  Leaves instant redness depending on force used, but marks can be left for longer periods if required.

The 10mm rod will leave strong marks but is less likely to break the skin than thinner canes even with prolonged use.

Miss Spice says: “ I like to use this one on fingers as well as more meaty areas for wayward subs.  It will have instant results ensuring errant behaviour is infrequent” 

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Key features
  • Firm cane
  • Stylish rubber-coated handle
  • 60cm length
  • 10mm Diameter
  • Ideal for beginners to experienced players 
  • 60cm wooden cane
  • 10mm diameter
  • Stylish rubber hand-grip 
Included in the package
  • 1 x Medium Mistress Cane 

Delivered in a discreet and plain packaging

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