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A black-out hood is an essential part of BDSM.

This stretchy satin hood clings equally well to men and women with then reinforced blindfold leaving them completely in the dark.

Use on your sub when they have been naughty or nice for a stunning visual effect for the Dom and a heightened sense of awareness for the sub!

Miss Spice says: “This is one of my favourite products. Having your sub completely unable to see what you are doing adds excitement and mystery to the day. It’s very satisfying to surprise them by stretching this beautiful hood over their head leaving them completely at your mercy.  Love this with handcuffs for immediate control and climatic exhilaration.”

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Key features
  • Black stretchy satin bondage hood
  • Multi-layer eye section for complete black-out
  • Essential for adding sensory deprivation excitement to playtime
  • Stretches to snugly fit both men and women
  • Comfortable with breathable fabric and mouth-hole 
Included in the package

Included in the package

  • 1 x Stretchy Satin Bondage Hood

Delivered in a discreet and plain packaging

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